About Us

Time To Know is the next-generation training platform company with more than a decade of experience and expertise. We’re trusted by top organizations and instructors worldwide to reshape the way you deliver training for achieving better business results.

Our iEcho learning platform allows you to be the instructor you always wanted to be, by engaging your learners with fun, interactive in-class and online courses, resulting in enhanced instructing and learning experiences. With iEcho, you can create your own course catalogue and sell your courses via online store for growing your business.

iEcho incorporates mobile and social learning with data reports making it easy to intervene, help the struggling learner, and empower instructors to improve their courses in real-time.


Getting started and troubleshooting

What is Time To Know Echo?

Time To Know Echo learning platform delivers training with easy content creation, engaging learning experience, and real-time actionable insights and recommendations.
The instructor creates content by importing PDFs, PowerPoints, and other files, or creates practices and assessments from scratch. Then the instructor adds media and interactive elements, such as interactive video.
Learners are invited to join the learning group and work on the content provided. The instructor can monitor learner progress and performance in real-time and generate a variety of reports based on actual user data.

How to create the first course?

Create the course by adding content for learners to work on. Click on the Add Item button to generate online, interactive content by importing a PDF or PowerPoint file and then adding media and interactive objects. You can also create an activity from scratch, which consists entirely of media and interaction objects, ideal for a worksheet or a learner-initiated quiz with feedback elements. Also, an assessment is available upon request, which is a testing element that does not provide feedback.

How to edit a lesson?

Revise by editing or removing content items. Go to the item, open the context menu, and then click on Edit or Delete. To remove published content, first click Unpublish and then Delete.

How to upload or update existing content?

Update the existing item by clicking Edit on the context menu and then replace by uploading a new file, like a PDF or PowerPoint. Also reorder, revise, delete, or create media and interactive objects.

How to customize content?

Edit the content item and then click on Styling. Customize the background color for the entire content item, set a default background color for an interaction, or define the default font style and color.

How to play or preview content?

Click on the content item or select Play from the context menu to display the content as your learners see it. Click Preview to display the entire Echo account in a separate browse tab.

How to invite learners?

Click on the Invite Learners button to invite learners. You can invite learners by entering each email address, generating a QR code or sending out a dedicated link. When done, click the Send Invitation button.
The learner’s status list is updated to show the invited learners and those who have joined the course.

Learner Sign up and Log in

When the instructor invites the learner to the course, an email invitation is automatically sent. The learner opens the email message and clicks on the Sign-Up link and then from the corresponding page, creates their username and password or sign up with social account such as Facebook and Google. For subsequent sessions, the learner goes to the Log-in page and enters their login details.

What are interactions and how to add them?

An interaction is another layer of information allowing the instructor to either add either more information with different medias or add questions to ensure knowledge, as part of active learning methodology.
When in the content item, the instructor can click the Add button, to insert media objects like images, videos, audio, and so on. Also choose from a variety of interactions such as Multiple ChoiceFill in the Blanks, and Matching.

How to work with interactions?

Configure the interaction by setting a background color, adding feedback messages, selecting behavior options, and tag interactions with predefined skill labels.

Live presentations

The instructor can conduct a live presentation by sending a specific question to the learning group. When sent, the question appears to each learner who is logged in at the same time.  Just click Show for the question you want to send and then Send to learners.
Monitor learner progress and performance through the dashboard and drilldown to view learning data through a variety of reports.

How to work with reports?

performance through the dashboard and reports. When in the content item, click on Reports. The dashboard shows the number of participating learners, the average time of completion, the percentage of completed questions and success rate, and the average score percentage. View detailed performance data through a variety of reports.

Alert notifications

An alert notification is triggered when learner performance falls below a predefined threshold. The three available alerts are Low Success Rate, Difficult Content and Engagement Drop. After the alert is sent, the instructor and learner can communicate by messaging.

Find more help

Click on the Help button to open the Learning Center, where the instructor can find a library of Echo tutorials, guides, and other helpful documents available upon request.

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